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Related article: Date : Sun, 28 December 2003 17 48th 54 -0800 ( PST ) From: Milo emit u003cmiloemit yahoo. com u003e Subject: Bell repairman n I read a story that reminds me of Nifty, when I was a ten. It was summer and I slept late. I entered the room front thinking that my mother was there. Instead, a man was the installation of a telephone. Hung in an old pair underwear, loose on my thin body. I ask continue doing what he rubbed his eyes to sleep. He said it was installing a phone, the first. o wonder, where was my mother? He said he had to go to would work, but again this afternoon. I said I attract Child Pedo Pics and watch him work. He said there is no need to , which would be by the time I done it again, come and help exactly how I was. He said I could sit on his lap and watch him work. I approached him and he put his hand s in my ass something pulls me close. He noted that n a hole in the ground and told to kneel and when a wire came the hole to grab it. I s what she said, and he put his hands on my ass PullIng me back a bit, told the wire Poke Me can be in the eye when I was too close. I felt his fingers between my thin little jump and rub me there, but do not think anything of it. Dropped and Soon came the cable hole. I pulled it and said to had it. He returned and sat down then grabbed me at the waist and sat on his lap. took around my body and took the phone back out of the box then handed me a screwdriver and told me to take it apart to connect the cables. When I do, what he said he began to his hands on my little legs and started rubbing easy. He seemed old to me and I was, when he started in terror , to caress. His fingers slipped under my openings legs straight and found my little Dick. rubbed his balls and I'm very hard, very short. I was afraid to say something and have a good feeling. I keep the screws from the bottom of your new as it did touch and tell me how well a work I did. Ifelt him shift around and took it a me. When he sat down again I felt his cock the press against my ass through his pants. He asks me, if I had any Vaseline. He said he needed to end work. I said yes and he picked me up in the lap of his s. I tried to look on his tail, but the pants were to loose nothing to see. I n the Vaseline and Before leaving he grabbed my waist y sat back in her lap. He wrapped his arm around me under the arms and lifted me a little. I felt Pull the back of my underwear down. He moved y felt his cock against my ass again, only this when it was a warm feeling. I knew I was not in line his pants. You must have opened his pants, when I went to , to get the Vaseline. The feeling was not new to me for my elderly neighbor had put his big cock s in my ass for about a year. He even put in myself a couple of times. I was a little scared I think he wanted to do and I hope that all we can do was Do not touch my ass with his cock. It was is large, but not much bigger than my neighbor. I could feel his cock in my ass bit. Occasionally, he leaned toward me and Dick would move s along my crack. I relaxed the I feel like I did. We Child Pedo Pics stopped taking phone calls separate wires and stripes. Opened Vaseline glass and took a glob with two fingers. Child Pedo Pics said he had something valid to the cable before hooked on it. It Child Pedo Pics got a little in the wiring then said he simply clean the rest of his pants. When it did, I got up on his legs, then slid some n in front of me on his lap again. This time only the tip of its tail kicked me in the butt, and then I realized I was getting into the rear hole. Its tail felt different and I did when relaxed. I cold tell his tail does not have the skin of the head s like my neighbors did. I liked the feel better. I was kept at the place with one hand under my ass , as he showed me how tWhere does the cable and screw with the other. I had to do three wires myself. was really enjoying the way I was playing, but is still waiting, you are not going to put in much me. I thought I said, so it would not go to me. His cock did not feel much bigger than my the neighbors, but I did not know him and I was not sure wanted him to do this to me. My neighbor was hurting the time first, and I do not want that to happen again. I leaned forward for a better view of it, it was. As I leaned forward, Child Pedo Pics moved to the chair a little and felt his penis begins to fade me one. I began to tremble with fear, not knowing what to do. that was kind of tips and desire to mourn when his head slipped in my tight ass. She hugged me y was very smooth, slowly working his cock to my small hole. His cock was not much bigger than my neighbor. I ask him what he was doing ? All he said was: you like what you feel. He was always so slow Under push intor me. I realized that no going to hurt me and I liked what I was doing. I looked at him and smiled, I said. The Child Pedo Pics sheathed I was sitting on his lap with his hands cupping each cheek. He put his chin on my shoulder against my cheek. I could feel his hot breath and mustaches. I felt his cock swell inside me. He tried push deeper. He was the cumin, once he got all the way in I felt good. Never stays soft and his hard cock inside me. He finished putting telephone wires and try it. All the time I was sitting in his lap with his cock in me. He tight sometimes and swelled within me. I n but maybe he had not fired his stuff was in me, and will later. Finally, he finished his work. I got up and leaned forward leads me in the bathroom of dragged me away from his cock. Just I stood in line and left. He pointed to not leave. He sat on the toilet. that s said my sperm out orW hen leaves you in a minute, then. When I heard out of the driveway, I the toilet. I held his cum in me until I could not Do you think that's it. I made a mess in my underwear later When I found the bathroom. Undoubtedly saved a a heavy load on my little body. The year was 1952 and I can I felt his cock enter me. It was a lot of soft for my neighbor. The next time I saw him and I was an adult and buy of a boat from him. Child Pedo Pics He did not recognize me. I think that him sometimes when I think of the six and a half inches put the tool in a small child. milo
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